The new Flying Spur is a unique fusion of breathtaking performance, contemporary design and intuitive technology. It delivers an enriching experience for both the driver and those who prefer to be driven.

With a graceful yet commanding form, intricate detailing and sharp design lines, the new Flying Spur has an assertive road presence. Inside, tactile materials and modern craftsmanship combine to create a stylish and tranquil environment.

The same sense of refinement flows into the car's performance. Powerful and dynamic, the car automatically adapts to changing environments and driving conditions. Intelligent and intuitive My Bentley Connected Car technology has been seamlessly integrated throughout, allowing you to shape your own journey.

Take a closer look and discover a car built without compromise. Powerful, yet refined. Dynamic, yet serene. Contemporary, yet distinguished. The new Flying Spur is the definitive four-door grand tourer. To discover more about this compelling car, contact Bentley San Francisco. 







The new Flying Spur's confident form immediately commands attention. The gloss-black radiator matrix grille with new bright chrome vertical vanes sets the tone. Sharp, uninterrupted design lines - created using the largest superformed panel in the automotive world - draw the eye over the car's graceful yet muscular new profile. By positioning the front wheels further forwards we have lifted the bonnet profile to create balanced proportions. The result is an exterior with a sophisticated and captivating look.   


All the considered details on the new Flying Spur come together to create a journey of constant discovery. Eye-catching front LED matrix headlamps add to the car's assertive presence, with matrix-beam technology and a cut-crystal effect. Set in a new chrome sleeve, the headlamps sparkle like jewels even when they are not lit. The detailing on the B-shaped rear lamps is equally stunning, echoing the unique diamond knurling found inside the car. 


A chrome bonnet strip draws your eye to the addition of a striking new Flying B mascot - available as an option on the Flying Spur for the first time since the 1950s. Completely redesigned for our second century, it is crafted from stainless steel and hand-polished - and now features innovative illuminating wings.

The mascot automatically deploys when the car is unlocked, illuminating in synchronicity with the headlamps. When the Flying B is stowed, a stylish chromed Bentley badge covers the opening.    


*Inside, contours inspired by the Bentley wings unify the cabin. Accentuated by a new floating centre console, the wing shape rises up and flows across the dashboard, wrapping round onto the front and rear doors. This creates a sculptural flow throughout the whole cabin that enhances the feeling of spaciousness.

The new console features convenient stowage compartments in both front and rear, with wireless charging and twin USB ports in the front stowage area. Further up the console, the new precision-detailed centre vent is modelled on the Bentley 'B' design of the rear lamps and incorporates a Bentley clock. Available in a polished or diamond knurled finish, the design is echoed in the rear cabin's centre vents to give the interior a harmonious feel.

Optional high-gloss carbon fibre replaces the veneer panels on the fascia and front doors to add a contemporary, technical and athletic feel to the interior. 

*Model shown is 2021 model year which is not available in all markets. Please contact Bently San Francisco for availability.



Veneered Door Panels*

Selected by an experienced eye from the same tree as the front cabin veneer for a perfect match, new hand-finished, veneered door panels bring a classically elegant look to the rear cabin. They can be matched either to the main veneer species, fitted throughout the vehicle, or to the accent veneer if the dual veneer option is selected for the front cabin.

Now available on New Flying Spur, hand cross stitching adds a truly bespoke feel to the interior. This strong emphasis on hand-finishing is instantly evident to the eye. 

Electrically Deployed Picnic Tables*
Highly valued for both aesthetics and practicality, Bentley's latest incarnation of the iconic picnic table has been exquisitely designed with a trimmed inner surface and a shallow recess for a pen, while the outer surface has a veneer covering. They can be easily deployed using the one-touch electrical deployment and then levelled, as desired, using the electrical adjustment. Additionally, they can be effortlessly stowed away by pressing and holding the button, which avoids fingers getting trapped.

The veneered outer surface can be matched either to the main veneer species, fitted throughout the vehicle, or to the accent veneer if the dual veneer option is selected for the front cabin. 

*This feature is not available in all markets. Model shown is 2021 model year which is not available in all markets. Please contact Bentley San Francisco for availability.    


The new Flying Spur has been designed to provide a tranquil and relaxing environment that feels just as spacious in the rear as at the front.

A new glass-to-glass panoramic sunroof lets the light flood in, giving the space an uplifting feel. Our new twin flute seat design is as comfortable as it is elegant, with ventilation, massage and top tilt features that allow you to make everything exactly how you like it. We have even designed new wheels specifically to optimise ride comfort.*

Four-Seat Configuration with Long Console*
Designed to make a bold statement, this configuration consists of four, individual, 'armchair style' seats that are supremely supportive and comfortable, creating a feeling of being gently but firmly held in place and helping passengers to truly relax.

For comfort, entertainment and productivity on every journey, rear cabin passengers also benefit from a long console, incorporating a touch screen remote, wireless phone charging option, twin cupholders and stowage, twin USB ports, 12V sockets and a heated armrest. 

*This feature is not available in all markets. Please contact Bentley San Francisco for availability.   




The new Flying Spur's formidable 6.0 litre W12 engine, combines impressive power and torque to deliver effortless acceleration and breathtaking agility, with a top speed of 207 mph (333 km/h). This results in an exhilarating drive while maintaining a sophisticated and comfortable ride. 

The engine has been positioned closer to the centre of the car to enhance balance and ensure particularly dynamic handling. Active All-Wheel Drive monitors the level of grip and adapts to the driving conditions and terrain to provide greater confidence at all times. With the option of switching between four driving modes, you can enjoy an engaging driving experience on demand, while remaining firmly in control.  


Whether you are navigating the city or crossing continents, the new Flying Spur is designed for every journey.

New Electronic All Wheel Steering reduces the car's turning circle at low speeds for easier parking and manoeuvring, while out on the open road it increases the stability of the car, making overtaking and lane changes more assured. With the added reassurance of fast and effective braking, along with enhanced air suspension for elevated ride comfort and impressive dynamism, you can drive with confidence at higher speeds and with ease at low speeds. 



Intelligent and connected technology has been seamlessly integrated throughout the new Flying Spur to provide easy and intuitive access to infotainment, navigation and environmental controls without interrupting your journey.

The Digital Instrument Display* includes sophisticated new graphics and adjustable views designed to enhance your driving experience while allowing you to concentrate on the road. The Central Display features a 12.3" HD touchscreen with refined touch sensitivity and the ability to switch to a split-screen view. So, for example, you can change the music without losing sight of the navigation.

The new stylishly designed and precision-crafted Touch Screen Remote sits in the rear console. It gives passengers in the rear cabin convenient access to everything you can do on the Central Display, including controlling the infotainment functions, adjusting the ventilation and opening and closing the sunroof. It can even be used to store pre-set configurations for mood lighting. 

*Model shown is 2021 model year which is not available in all markets. Please contact Bentley San Francisco for availability. 


Integrated My Bentley Connected Car* technology makes your journey safer, smarter and more convenient. Features include Apple CarPlay®, photorealistic landscapes through Satelite maps and advance warning of changing road or traffic conditions via the Local hazard information service. You can also access My car status - including driving range, engine diagnostics and Lock my car - through the My Bentley app, as well as safety services such as Private eCall, all designed to provide a level of convenience and assurance about your car and journey ahead.

Apple CarPlay® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

*Model shown is 2021 model year which is not available in all markets. Please contact Bentley San Francisco for availability. 



Journeys are made all the more extraordinary through innovations such as the optional Bentley Rotating Display. Hidden beneath a beautifully veneered fascia, when you start the car it rotates to reveal an advanced digital display featuring apps, media and vehicle information. A further rotation reveals three classic analogue dials with jewel-like chrome bezels. So you can switch on when you need to and switch off when you want. 

*Model shown is 2021 model year which is not available in all markets. Please contact Bentley San Francisco for availability. 



Bringing your new Flying Spur to life in a way that reflects your unique style means you can own a car that is as individual as you are. Two options have been designed to enhance the contemporary style - the Blackline Specification replaces the exterior chrome elements with a gloss black finish, while the Carbon Fibre Body Kit creates a bold and assertive look.

Our sustainably sourced wood veneers give the fascia a remarkably individual look and feel. You can explore a choice of eight single veneers - including Liquid Amber and Koa - with or without an optional chrome pinstripe. Alternatively, you can opt for one of seven dual veneers.

The cabin is upholstered in some of the finest leather used in the automotive world, with a selection of 15 hide colours to choose from. Diamond knurling, standard on rotary switches and indicator stalks, can be expanded to the clock, along with the bullseye and centre vents, for a particularly unified feel. There is also a choice of three audio systems, including one by Bang & Olufson and one by Naim.


Now available for your Flying Spur is the Styling Specification which gives your car a more sporting aesthetic, to match the Flying Spur's dynamic performance capabilities. High gloss Carbon Fibre highlights the new front bumper splitter, rear diffuser, boot lid spoiler and side skirts -which also feature metallic Bentley badges - that have been specifically designed to complement the aerodynamic performance of the Flying Spur.
The carbon fibre used features a woven 2x2 twill pattern and, like the veneer that adorns the model's cabin space, these carbon fibre exterior components are mirror-matched across the centreline of the car for precise visual appeal. 


The Mulliner Driving Specification offers a range of elevated features and finishes for those who want to set their car apart even further. A new lofted diamond style has been designed for the seats, combining traditional stitching and embroidery to create a distinctive pattern, with every single diamond unique in its shape and size, as they draw gently down the seat.

Door panels can be finished in incredibly tactile three-dimensional diamond leather - inspired by the Speed 6 concept car. The Mulliner Driving Specification also gives you the option of a 22" wheel with curved spokes, available in a choice of two finishes.

Also available from Mulliner is the option of Mulliner solid wood door panels with three dimensional diamond design. 


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