Created for visionaries with the power to turn their ideas into reality, the Bentley Mulsanne is the flagship model of the Bentley range. The world's finest handmade car represents the ultimate combination of both luxury and performance. The range offers a choice of three remarkable vehicles: theMulsanne, the Mulsanne Speed for more dynamic driving and, for those who prefer to travel in the back with extra legroom and comfort, theMulsanne Extended Wheelbase. 






As the Mulsanne reaches the end of its production life, Bentley are celebrating the story of the ultimate luxurious sedan with a final special edition, Mulsanne 6.75 Edition by Mulliner. This exclusive edition will be restricted to just 30 unique examples, representing a fitting send-off for a masterpiece of British automotive engineering and craftsmanship.

The car is inspired by - and takes its name from - the legendary 6¾-litre engine, which reached its sixtieth year in continuous production in 2019. 

The Mulsanne 6.75 Edition by Mulliner features interior and exterior design cues celebrating the 6.75 litre engine, including Grand Black fascias and waistrails, with the waistrails having dark engine spin insert and a dark tint Mulliner Serenity grille. It also features unique interior 'organ stop' ventilation controls, seat stitching and chrome badging which commemorates the limited edition. The Bentley clock in the front dash and gauges will feature schematic cutaway drawings of the engine itself.

Complementing these unique features will be a bespoke colour split, and Gloss Black exterior brightware, plus a number of other interior and exterior design touches. 



The Mulsanne range is the ultimate statement of Bentley's innovation, craft skills and automotive artistry. The design language captures the essence of the marque. Inside and out, you'll find artisanship of the highest order.


The Mulsanne range has a formidable road presence courtesy of its crisp, sharp lines and the sweeping curves of the superformed aluminium bodywork, instantly recognisable as a modern interpretation of classic Bentley design. One-piece front bumper, grilles, bonnet and fenders create a wide confident stance. An eye-catching radiator shell features bright stainless steel vertical grille vanes. Flush fitting, all-LED front headlamp clusters and a selection of 21" wheel options lend a technical edge to the Mulsanne's elegance. The tail lamps reflect the Bentley 'B' design and complement the brightware on the 'B' wing vents and the polished stainless steel exhaust tailpipes. 


The Mulsanne offers the most refined automotive interiors in the world, where drive time becomes time to think. Only the finest hides and most exquisite veneers are used throughout the cabin. A glance also reveals an environment rich with possibilities for personalization.

Front and rear seats, door trim, armrests and switches are a contemporary take on classic Bentley design. It takes more than 150 hours to create the Mulsanne's sumptuous leather interior. Seats are upholstered with traditionally tanned, soft-touch hides in a palette of 24 exquisite colors to give unrivalled comfort and the characteristic leather aroma. A fully color-matched interior is counter-pointed by polished-steel brightware, knurled controls and precision-cut, chrome-finish fittings. These include bullseye air vents with trademark, traditional organ stop controls. These heritage cues and beautifully refined mechanisms are a delight to use on every journey, long or short. Ambient lighting can also be adjusted to reflect your mood.


Hand-finished, unbleached and book-matched wood veneers form pure, elegant surfaces throughout the cabin. Ethically-sourced, every veneer is mirror-matched. Each sheet is first treated for 72 hours, then precisely fitted opposite another piece cut from the same part of the same tree. The result is a perfectly symmetrical cabin, right down to the perfectly-matched natural 'bloom' of the wood grain. Lacquering and sanding each piece at least five times then achieves a deep 'liquid' finish. Three new veneers have been added to the range: Liquid Amber, Dark Stained Madrona and rich Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus. New exterior paint colours include the fashionable Rose Gold and the golden hue of Julep. 

The front seats feature 14-way electrical adjustment with an easy entry and exit movement, while the back seats offer 8-way adjustment. All include lumbar support, two memory positions and adjustable heating for the ultimate in comfort, wherever you sit in the car. Deep pile flat-cut carpets are handcrafted specifically for your car - rather than being mass manufactured. The air-conditioning system can be controlled from any seat in the car, and features four separate zones, which allow each occupant to adjust temperature and fan speeds to suit them.



The Mulsanne is more than simply the world's most luxurious car, it also delivers effortless performance and power. It offers exhilaration with the kind of confidence and control that only a Bentley can deliver. At the same time, the hand-built engine also delivers its limitless power with perhaps surprising levels of efficiency and economy.


The Mulsanne features a unique 6¾ litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The 8-speed automatic transmission with rear-wheel drive provides imperceptible gear changes and seamless acceleration, while efficiently managing fuel economy and CO2emissions. As a result, the Mulsanne produces levels of power and torque practically unheard of in a car of this size. Assembled by hand at the Bentley factory in Crewe, each unit sports a nameplate bearing the name and signature of the engineer responsible for hand-building it. 


A Drive Dynamics Control system is operated by a rotary switch mounted beside the gearshift selector. Choose from three standard driving settings - Bentley, Comfort and Sport, which offer precise calibrations of suspension and steering systems. The Bentley setting gives the finest balance of comfort and dynamics for this exceptional car. Whilst the Sports setting will lower ride height, increasing grip, body control and the overall sense of connection to the road, without compromising on ride comfort. A fourth setting, Custom, allows you to decide on your own preferred settings. 


The Mulsanne's 8-speed automatic transmission ensures highly responsive acceleration with indiscernible gear changes. The steering-wheel-mounted paddleshift controls allow manual gear changing for a more engaging driving experience. The air spring suspension is managed electronically by the Continuous Damping Control system to adjust ride height, and improve low-speed ride quality and bump absorption. Together with speed-sensitive power steering these features combine to deliver the Mulsanne's smoothly dynamic driving experience.  



Every Mulsanne is discreetly equipped with a sophisticated, cutting-edge suite of technologies, including a touchscreen infotainment system. Whether driver or passenger, all this technology is planned out in great detail to be easily accessed. This includes intuitive driver assistance systems, innovative safety features and connectivity that allows effortless work or play from within the Mulsanne's sublime cabin space.  


A Drive Dynamics Control system is operated by a rotary switch mounted beside the gearshift selector. Choose from three standard driving settings - Bentley, Comfort and Sport, which offer precise calibrations of suspension and steering systems. The Bentley setting gives the finest balance of comfort and dynamics for this exceptional car. Whilst the Sports setting will lower ride height, increasing grip, body control and the overall sense of connection to the road, without compromising on ride comfort. A fourth setting, Custom, allows you to decide on your own preferred settings. 


The Mulsanne's infotainment system has an 8" touch screen control that lets you access the car's state-of-the-art information, entertainment and vehicle systems with ease. In-car Wi-Fi with 4G-connectivity and Google integration, keep you connected to online services such as music stores, all Google Play apps for entertainment, video calls, productivity apps and much more. Voice input (supported in 25 languages) puts you in complete control without having to look away from the road ahead. Passengers can explore a wide repertoire of infotainment options through two 10.2" entertainment tablets housed in the front seatbacks. These tablets are convenient and mobile (for use inside and away from the car) giving access to a world of TV, video entertainment, games, video calling and media streaming via Bluetooth headphones. An extensive array of features includes internal memory, micro SD and USB slots.   

Much of the Mulsanne's technology and active safety functionality works quietly in the background, imperceptible to you and your passengers. The Advanced Automatic Stability Control includes a series of collision mitigation features - which work to avoid or lessen the effects of an impact. For example, if the car detects a potential hazard ahead, it warns the driver. Immediately, the brakes are prepared and the airbags are primed for firing. Should the driver ignore the warnings, the car will brake. Adaptive Cruise Control also ensures your Mulsanne can keep a safe distance from the car in front. Should the traffic stop, your car will too, only moving forward automatically when it's safe to do so. The Blind Spot Warning system comes as standard, as does the Rear View Camera for parking assistance. 


Four all-LED headlamps feature advanced adaptive technology for unparalleled night vision, with beam patterns that automatically adjust to suit driving conditions. Built-in light sensors and GPS integration allow a choice of four different light modes. Each is adjusted for town, country or motorway driving, or for situations that simply require full-beam illumination.  


The Mulsanne's in-car Wi-Fi hotspot provides 4G connectivity, while Bluetooth® can be used to access contacts, phone calls or music on any smartphone or tablet - devices that can be safely stored out of sight during journeys in a purpose-built, hide-lined drawer. The My Bentley app adds extra functionality such as enabling your Mulsanne to navigate to a location in a photograph on your phone.  


With its acoustic glazing and soundproofing, the Mulsanne delivers incredible sound from its signature audio system. The Mulsanne can also be specified with the world's most powerful automotive audio system - Naim™ for Bentley Premium Audio. This bespoke on-board audio system features 20 custom-made speakers, 20 channels, a 2,200-watt amplifier and super tweeters for an unparalleled audio experience.    


True luxury also lies in being able to express your own vision. One way of doing this is to personalise your Mulsanne - to make it exclusively yours.

The process of personalisation begins with a selection from the extensive palette of standard and special Mulliner paint colours and finishes. Complement this with either one or two hide colours from a choice of 24, to harmonise your color scheme. And this is only the beginning. From fine details, such as the finish on the steering wheel to foot pedals, almost every visible feature can be customised to your exact specification. As well as 11 exquisite veneers and eight wheel designs, you can choose from a selection of 21 carpet colours to match your interior hide as standard, and pick from 22 seat belt colours, also as standard.

Each part of every Mulsanne is crafted from the finest materials. The interior leatherwork you choose is made from the highest quality hides, tanned to provide a flawless finish. Our leather craftsmen and women's attention to detail is second to none - the steering wheel cover alone takes 15 hours to hand stitch, with options for contrast-stitching and cross-stitching preferences.

You can go further still and make your Mulsanne unique with a choice of bespoke paint colors, specification packages and option choices via the unrivalled expertise of Mulliner - Bentley's personal commissioning department. 

Discover the impressive range of options available to personalize your Mulsanne on the Bentley Configurator.  


Mulliner Driving Specification offers a collection of sport-themed additions, designed by the Mulliner team specifically for the Mulsanne. It features exquisite handcrafted details such as a 21" Radiance alloy wheel, Flying 'B' style wing vents in polished stainless steel, Mulliner treadplates and sports-tuned suspension setting. This specification gives a more dynamic edge to both the interior and exterior of what is already an extraordinary vehicle. Mulliner Driving Specification is available across the Mulsanne Range and on Mulsanne Speed it comes as standard. 


Mulliner has created three optional bottle coolers, each designed exclusively for the Mulsanne to reflect Bentley's benchmark craftsmanship. One can hold two water bottles and crystal tumbler-style glasses; another can hold champagne bottles and elegant flutes. The third can house spirit bottles, crystal glasses and a Bentley hip flask. Nestled between the back seats with the refrigeration system hidden in the boot, they provide the perfect solution for refreshment on the move. And, as with all Bentley bottle coolers, the design of the refrigeration system means that, despite its location behind the back seat, the boot space is not compromised.    

Mulliner can also make your Mulsanne truly unique. Paintwork and leather hides can be matched to any colour you wish. Mulliner can even fashion original veneers created from a tree on your property or personal features designed around your individual passions, such as secure foldaway jewellery trays or cigar humidors.


Mulliner's remarkable craftsmanship is demonstrated in the art of marquetry. This striking decorative flourish to the veneer of a Bentley's dashboard takes years of skill and dedication to master. These veneers can be applied in many layers and in a variety of illuminating hues, incorporating wood from several different species of tree.  


Your Mulsanne is the quintessential expression of Bentley's craftsmanship. And, equally, it can become the ultimate expression of your own personal style and taste. All Mulsanne accessories are designed and crafted with as much care as the car itself, because this extraordinary automobile deserves no less. When you selected the Mulsanne, you made a visionary choice. Now choose the Bentley car accessories and extras just as wisely.

These accessories are available for Mulsanne, Mulsanne Speed and Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase.    


Your Style & Comfort

Add Illuminated Treadplates bearing the name Mulsanne that cast a delicate glow as you enter the cabin. Or you can take personalisation to a whole new level with your choice of wording crafted into the treadplate design . It takes something rather special to enhance the comfort levels of the Mulsanne. But our Relaxation Pack achieves exactly that. It includes two Bentley branded leather luxury scatter cushions, individually trimmed to match the main hide colour of your interior, as well as two individual footrests upholstered in deep pile carpet.

Your Journey
When you're travelling in wintry climes, the ingenious AutoSock® gives your tyres extra grip and stability, while our Spikes-Spider© Snow Chains provide more sustained traction. Should the heavens open, our Umbrella Stowage, cleverly integrated into the underside of the luggage compartment lid, stores two telescopic umbrellas. And if darkness falls, a Jewelled Torch, easily charged in the Mulsanne's cigar lighter, will light your path in style with a Bentley 'B' etched on its lens.

Your Essentials

We have everything you need to keep your Mulsanne as perfect as the day it was made. Our indoor and Outdoor Car Covers are custom-stitched to the unique contours of the Mulsanne and have the Bentley logo displayed across the bonnet. You can also have the model name, or any other text of your choosing, embroidered on both sides. Finally, when storing your Mulsanne for any length of time, Tyre Cradles offer maximum protection against flat spotting, while our Battery Charger maintains your battery at its optimum level.   


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